Topic: Integrity

The path of tending to the wisdom and wholeness within
What is my path?

In the Face of Eternity

As the seasons turn and we become aware of the larger cycles that happen on our planet, how do we avoid becoming lost? How can we be part of the 4.5 billion year old story of life on Earth and still have a … read more.

With an Eye Toward Returning

It’s a joy and an honor to have had over five years of ministry together, and it’s an act of integrity to give your minister time for rest and renewal. On this, the last Sunday before Rev. Karen’s sabbatical leave begins, we’ll celebrate … read more.

Keep the Fire

This first Sunday of the New Year, we gather in multigenerational community to look ahead and reflect together on the possibilities. This is our annual Fire Communion service, in which we seal our intentions in the ritual of the burning bowl.