Temporary Sanctuary

REEB IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE RIGHTS TEAM NEEDS VOLUNTEERS! Do you have a guest room? The Dane Sanctuary Coalition, of which Reeb is a member, is getting more requests for short-term, temporary housing for refugees and asylum-seekers for our new short-term volunteer host project.  If you sign up with your information, we will send out an e-mail when we get a request to all volunteers who sign up, and you can decide whether you can host an asylum-seeker or refugee for a few days, a week, a month–it’s up to you.  We will check on whether they have a vaccination card–most of them have been vaccinated against Covid.  

We are also working with the immigration lawyers at the Catholic Multicultural Center, who are trying to bring an Afghan family to Madison to join a family member here.  But they can’t bring the Afghan family here without having an adult U.S. citizen as a sponsor.  The sponsor does NOT have to house the family under what’s called “Humanitarian Parole”.  Want to learn more about these rewarding opportunities to help our local asylum seekers and refugees?  Contact Leila Pine for more information.