In-Person Multiplatform Service 10-17-21

From Rev. Karen: This Sunday’s service will be streamed live from our parking lot and you’re invited!

This will be our first fully multiplatform service. We’ll have chairs set up in the parking lot for anyone who would like to attend in person, and we’ll be on Zoom for anyone who would like to attend virtually.

What to expect if you attend in person: Please arrive before 10:00 so you have time to sign in and find a seat before the service starts. You’ll be asked to stay masked and distanced throughout the service, in accordance with our guidelines for outdoor gatherings during Level 4 of our COVID-19 Strategic Plan. You may move chairs so that members of your household can sit together, but please maintain social distance otherwise.

Rev. Karen and Worship Associate Susan Podebradsky will lead the service in person, and Everett Trechter will provide much of our music. We ask that you do not sing – but feel free to hum or move your body to the music!

Some elements of the service will be offered through Zoom only, and there will be a large monitor in the parking lot so you can see those elements.

We’ll take a live offering with a real basket! And as always, you can always donate via our website. The link will be up on the monitor during the offering.

Joys and Sorrows will be offered in the multiplatform setting. You’ll be invited to fill out a card with your name and what you’d like to share, and Rev. Karen will light a candle and read your words as she does so for the folx submitting their words via the Zoom chat.

There won’t be a printed order of service, but you can access it from the website page for this service.There won’t be a live coffee hour, but please feel free to linger and socialize as you’re comfortable after the service.

What to expect if you attend via Zoom: You’ll see the whole service as usual. The elements being led in the parking lot will be visually clear because we’ve purchased a better camera, but you may notice lower audio quality because we’re outside and can’t control the noises around us. And because you’re attending from your own COVID-safe location, you can sing along with the hymns! You can attend coffee hour as usual, by staying on the Zoom meeting after the service.What you can do to help:

We want to know how you experience this service! Please share your feedback with Rev. Karen or any member of the Worship Team, whether you attend in person or via Zoom.

Click here for service description and Order of Service