For the Anxious and Hopeful

There are many ways in which we humans are vulnerable, and we’ve been working on a collective sharing project all month as a way to practice voicing them.  This morning, we’ll explore some specific vulnerabilities you shared, as well as some of the ways we might keep holding hope in the face of all there is to be anxious about.

Share the Plate

  • The Share the Plate for March 19th and 26 is Centro Hispano. Centro Hispano is the leading nonprofit serving Latinx in Dane County WI. Since its beginnings in 1983, Centro Hispano has provided a range of programs  that support Dane County’s Latinx population. Throughout the years, the needs of the Latinx population have changed, and today, our programs focus on youth, families and the community. Centro Hispano now serves over 2,500 families every year through its programs and services. 

Order of Service

  • Gathering Song:  #188 “Come, Come, Whoever You Are”
  • Welcome
  • Prelude:  “When I Rise,” lyrics adapted from Wendell Berry, melody by Wendy Tuck, arranged and sung by Lea Morris 
  • Call to Worship
  • Lighting the Chalice and Musical Response
  • Shared Music:  #1021 “Lean On Me”
  • Time for All Ages:  “The Worry Box” by Suzanne Chiew and Sean Julian
  • Shared Music:  #205 “Amazing Grace”
  • Wisdom from the World’s Traditions:  “Gentleness in Living” by Richard S. Gilbert
  • Reflection with Rev. Karen Armina
  • Offering:  “Honor the Dark” by Lea Morris
  • Joys and Sorrows
  • Shared Music:  ”Forget Your Perfect Offering”  based on the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem”
  • Extinguishing the Chalice and Benediction

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