Ingathering: Droplets Gathered and Reaching

Join us for this service via an on-line Zoom Meeting

One of the reasons UU congregations celebrate a water communion as they gather in the fall is that water is one of the things that connects us.  This Sunday, we’ll hold our annual ingathering service and reflect on water as an element of renewal.

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Share the Plate

  • Our Share The Plate recipient this week is Worker Justice Wisconsin. Your contributions will fund advocacy efforts in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin for low-wage and immigrant workers, as well as our Worker Center, where people come for support when they experience wage theft, discrimination and health & safety issues in the workplace.

    This is especially important during this time of COVID-19, when front-line workers risk their lives daily, many low-wage laborers face the agonizing choice between working in dangerous environments to provide for their families or not working and losing their only source of income, and millions are deprived of work altogether.

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