The Dignity of Work

A collaborative service with First Unitarian Society, Prairie UU Society and Rebecca Meier-Rao, Executive Director of Worker Justice Wisconsin

Through the lens of “the inherent worth and dignity of every person,” how are we called to respond to the real world questions such as fair wages, immigrant workers, or job safety?  Rebecca Meier-Rao will explore the demands of a proclamation that each human has a worth to us. How much are we willing to pay, and how much will we risk, for the benefit of which category of persons? Since the beginning of COVID-19 the intake load at the Worker Center has nearly tripled. Labor Day is a time for us to recognize and honor the dignity of workers by building a world that provides every person with what they need to thrive.

We will have our own coffee hour after the service, and begin that time with the sharing of Joys and Sorrows.

Share the Plate

Information about this week’s recipient will be available soon. Please see our Share The Plate page with the link above for information about previous recipients.

  • Our Share The Plate recipient this week is Worker Justice Wisconsin. Your contributions will fund advocacy efforts in Dane County and throughout Wisconsin for low-wage and immigrant workers, as well as our Worker Center, where people come for support when they experience wage theft, discrimination and health & safety issues in the workplace.

    This is especially important during this time of COVID-19, when front-line workers risk their lives daily, many low-wage laborers face the agonizing choice between working in dangerous environments to provide for their families or not working and losing their only source of income, and millions are deprived of work altogether.

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