UUA General Assembly

Join us for this service via an on-line Zoom Meeting

UUA General Assembly Sunday Worship: “Until Love Wins,” with the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis

Today’s challenging times require a nimble and resilient spirituality. We need a demanding, inspiring faith and a love strong enough that it will not let us go. Join us as we draw the circle wide, gather our strength, and promise to stay in the struggle and joy until love wins.

First Universalist has been a model of shared ministry and what it means to put the work of dismantling white supremacy and building anti-racist, anti-oppressive practices at the center of their ministry.  They have been on the front lines in support of the Movement for Black Lives in Minneapolis, bringing spiritual care and moral leadership in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by police and the important uprisings for justice that followed.  Children and families are a vital part of their ministry, and they have been using creative approaches to engage all ages in worship during the pandemic.  Their leadership exemplifies some of the best practices for the creativity, spiritual depth, and moral leadership that is possible when we embrace the work of shared ministry rooted in love and justice.

Share the Plate

  • Madison Adaptive Cycling is a Madison-based non-profit project started by one of our members, Brian McNurlen. Their goal is to provide an outdoor adaptive cycling experience for differently-abled individuals of all ages. Regular participation in cycling can lead to improved physical health and mental well-being, greater independence, and a sense of belonging to a larger community. Cycling, particularly tandem cycling, gives differently-abled people a chance to engage with others. Donations will be used to purchase one or possibly two cycles that will be available for use by anyone wanting to use them.


[JRUUC Opening followed by shared service below, then JRUUC coffee hour]

  • Music for Gathering
  • Honoring the Land and Welcome Rev. Jen Crow
  • Call to Worship & Chalice Lighting First Universalist Family
  • Opening song “Love Is Love Is Love Is Love”
  • First Universalist Minneapolis Adult and Children’s Choir Abbie Betinis
  • Time for All Ages Lauren Wyeth, Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries
  • Ofering Special Collection will support MICAH (Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope)
  • “Ses yeux étaient dans les étoiles” written by composer Mari Esabel Valverde,
  • performed by Franco Holder
  • Shared Spiritual Practice Aimee K. Bryant
  • Prayer and Meditation Rev. Arif Mamdani & Julica Hermann de la Fuente
  • Hymn “Spirit of Life” performed by Sarah Lindsey (vocals, First Univ),
  • Franco Holder (piano, First Universalist)
  • Reading “Everything is Still on Fire” by Rev. Teresa I. Soto read by Yahanna Mackbee
  • Refection Until Love Wins Rev. Karen Hutt
  • Music “Diamond” performed by Jake Zyrus and First Universalist Youth, Andrew Tralle
  • Refection Until Love Wins Rev. Jen Crow
  • Closing Song “Joyful, Joyful” music by Ludwig V. Beethoven, arranged by Mervyn Warren,
  • performed by Aimee K. Bryant
  • Benediction Rev. Jen Crow

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