Topic: Monthly Themes

If I Only Had the Nerve

We’ll be invited to explore “the path of courage” throughout the month of October, and we’ll start off this morning with some exploration of what courage is. What does it mean to have courage? Where do we find it? How do we know we have … read more.

Open Circles

Just hearing the word “belonging” can conjure up a deep desire to be included- but being let into the circle is only one section of the path of belonging.  This morning, we’ll explore another section of the path- getting to participate in expanding the circle.

All … read more.

Flowing Like Time – Water Communion

This year, it feels especially important to reflect on our coming back together after our summer activities.  We’ve been apart in some form or another for two and a half years.  Let’s celebrate coming back together in multigenerational worship with stories and song – and … read more.

Freedom and Justice Rising

“Freedom and Justice Rising:  connecting the values of faith and organized labor this Labor Day” with Teresa Mambu Rasch (via Zoom).

This Labor Day, our labor movement is fighting for fundamental change in the workplace, for a new day of dignity and voice for all workers. … read more.

The Guest House

How can we celebrate blessings when there is so much hurt in the world?  One wisdom teaching, Rumi’s poem “The Guest House,” advises us to “welcome and entertain them all!”  This morning, we’ll explore how we might celebrate the full complexity of life.

Share … read more.

Blessed by Each Other – Flower Communion

This congregation was founded with the understanding that the people are the church, and every year in June we celebrate the community we create together.  This morning, we’ll make a communal bouquet with the flowers you bring, and take them home as reminders of the … read more.