Topic: Monthly Themes

Out With the Old?

Some kinds of renewal require a full cleansing before they can begin, and other kinds require that we keep something and repurpose it.  And when we choose to keep things, renewal might mean coming back to them just as they’ve always been, or it might … read more.

Beauty Calls Us Together…Again

Last year, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first flower ceremony as created by Norbert Čapek in Prague, with story and music created especially for this occasion.  The service was so moving, we’ve decided to offer it again this year.  We’ll hear our choir, … read more.

Waging Peace

Our guest speaker today will be John Fournelle from Veterans for Peace. Together we’ll explore some of the ways we can contribute to present and future peace in a pluralistic society.

Worship Associates: Susan Podebradsky, Rachel Avery and Liz Chapa

The Share the Plate for … read more.

Many Ways to Grieve

There is much that is hard in these times- in our own lives and in the spaces between and around us.  Grieving can be vital to moving forward into life after loss or change, and there is much to learn from each other and our … read more.

So Many Paths!

One of the gifts of pluralism is our ability to celebrate and share what we find on our individual journeys.  On Rev. Karen’s first Sunday back after her sabbatical leave, we’ll explore what she, and we, have learned- and celebrate our reunion!

Instead of our … read more.

Spring Cleaning – Inside and Out

This Sunday, we’ll explore interdependence and spring cleaning, inside and out! Every now and then it pays to examine what we have, what we have been doing, and where we are. Do the things and activities in our lives still serve us as we are … read more.

Resisting Tyranny

For most Americans, daily life goes on as usual while authoritarianism continues its creeping rise. And that’s part of the playbook, a feeling of normalcy as freedoms and democracy erode. The good news: Resistance is NOT futile, and can even be joyful. Join us as … read more.