Speaker: Rev. Karen Armina

May the Fourth Be With You

Many elements of popular sci-fi works have theological or spiritual undertones. This morning, in a multi-generational service, we’ll be curious together about science fiction as a source of wisdom.

Returning to the Root

The practice of finding one’s source, or root, is an integral part of the journey toward wholeness. This morning, in multi-generational community, we’ll explore how both Easter Sunday and Earth Day are celebrations of this journey.

Wholeness: More than Unity

As we seek wholeness, we often seek to integrate parts that are quite unalike, in ways that are both apparent and hidden. This morning we’ll explore how communities navigate the complicated work of seeing and honoring the differences between us.

Detours and Other Journeys

Sometimes the best adventures are unplanned. In this morning’s multi-generational service, we’ll explore how curiosity and willingness to explore can help us find things we didn’t know existed.