Speaker: Rev. Karen Armina

There Is No Them

There are points along the trajectory of being welcoming that we’ve come to understand, like tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion- and “radical welcome” is a phrase that’s surfaced to describe a point beyond inclusion.  This morning, we’ll explore what radical welcome might mean.

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Water Communion – Welcoming What Is

It’s time for our annual ingathering and water communion service!  This morning, we’ll explore one of the great teachings of water: how to flow with what is.  We’ll also share in ceremonies to dedicate our teachers, welcome our music director, and covenant with our affiliated … read more.

Ask Away!

A fun annual summer tradition – a “question box” service!  What questions do you have for Rev. Karen – spiritual, personal, ethical, philosophical, religious?  What are you curious about?  Rev. Karen will collect written questions in the chat and in the sanctuary, and offer her … read more.

My Faith is Love

Why do Unitarian Universalists work for justice?  On this weekend that Madison celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride, we’ll explore how our faith tradition calls us to work to create a world that is welcoming and safe for all people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

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Faithfully Becoming

At last week’s annual General Assembly, the gathered delegates and attendees worked together to discern what Unitarian Universalism is becoming, as we move more deeply into reconciliation and building a new way into an uncertain future.  This morning, Rev. Karen will share some of her … read more.

A Collection of Everyday Delights

If you had the forethought to store up delights you’ve experienced, to revisit when you need a smile, what would they be?  This morning, we’ll offer some poems about everyday delights to inspire us, and we’ll invite you to share your everyday delights.

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Beauty Calls Us Together – Flower Communion

This year is the 100th anniversary of the first flower ceremony, as created by Norbert Capek in Prague.  We’ll celebrate with story and music created especially for this occasion, and by co-creating a beautiful bouquet that symbolizes the many blessings of our beloved community.

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