Topic: Liberating Love

Love Everybody Alive: The Theology of Carsie Blanton

Unitarian Universalism is moving towards defining itself as a faith community built upon a foundation of love. This week, worship leader Eva Wingren shares thoughts on what it means to practice the spiritual discipline of love, through the lens of her experience with polyamory. Featuring … read more.

Love Perseveres

[We apologize for tech/recording issues from this service. You can watch Brad the Dad’s complete message on YouTube here.]

LOVE. That sometimes over-romanticized emotion is our human superpower. The need for love is hardwired into human beings – and the depth of it made it … read more.

Burning Bowl Service

With the marking of the Winter Solstice two weeks ago, we have begun another circle around the sun together.  As is our tradition at JRUUC, today we’ll participate in a fire communion ritual to center ourselves, seal our intentions, and lose our hesitations, as we … read more.