Speaker: Eva Wingren

Put Me to Good Use – Justice Leadership Team

We are in a time where massive threats to our democracy and our values as Unitarian Universalists are playing out in the realm of policy. But our spiritual community is coming together to fight back against hopelessness and disempowerment. This service, led by Reeb’s Justice … read more.

Faith in Action

Our congregation is named after a UU minister who died on March 11, 1967, from injuries inflicted on him by white supremacists in Selma, Alabama, after answering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s call for people of faith to join the actions for voting … read more.

Let It Be a Dance

The “magic” in music and dance, said our Music Director Heather Yonker during a brainstorming session for this month’s theme, is when the “intention and flow forward motion” in them are not interrupted.  And we can understand intention and flow in many ways, sometimes even … read more.