Topic: Belonging

The path of belonging to something larger than ourselves.
Does who I am end at the barrier of my skin?

Prairie at 50

As we explore our monthly theme of belonging, three members of Prairie UU Society across town will reflect on their spiritual home as it celebrates its 50th anniversary with the publication of a history book. Please join Mary Mullen, Barbara Park and … read more.

Can the Journey Be Home?

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed that “change is the only constant in life.”  As a faith community involved in the work of peace, justice, and sustainability, we’re well aware of the energy it takes to make, and to keep up with, change.  This morning we’ll … read more.

Host or Guest?

The national conversation about Indigenous Peoples Day calls us to think about discovery and colonization.  This morning, in multigenerational community, we’ll explore how our sense of belonging might shift depending on whether we think of ourselves as guests or as hosts.  We’ll also hold a … read more.

Whose Are We?

Our identities are inextricably tied to our relationships.  Douglas Steer asks, “With whose life is your own bound up, inextricably, in obvious or invisible ways?” To begin our month of reflection on what it means to be a people of belonging, we’ll explore the threads … read more.