Room at the Table

Join us for this service via an on-line Zoom Meeting

How do we welcome people who aren’t here yet, when we don’t know who they are or what they need?  What do we do when we can’t meet the needs of every individudal?  And what do we mean when we say “we,” and when do “they” become part of “us”?  This morning, we’ll explore these questions, and build a theology of inclusion.

This is YOUTH SUNDAY – we hope our youth will attend the service, and meet with Rev. Karen afterwards.

Share the Plate

  • Our Share the Plate recipient this week is The Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network (WUUSAN). WUUSAN joins the collective voices of UU’s in Wisconsin to advocate for justice and equity, influence public policy, and advance systemic change at a statewide level. 

Order of Service

  • Gathering Song: #188 “Come, Come, Whoever You Are”
  • Centering Sound
  • Welcome
  • Prelude: “We Would Be One,” words by Samuel Anthony Wright, music by Jean Sibelius
  • Call to Worship
  • Opening Hymn: #407 “We’re Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table”
  • Lighting the Chalice
  • Musical Response
  • Time for All Ages: “Map of the World,” as told by Rev. Gretchen Haley (author unknown)
  • Hymn: #175 “We Celebrate the Web of Life”
  • Wisdom from the World’s Traditions: “There’s My Temple,” Ma. Theresa “Tet” Gustilo Gallardo
  • Reflection: “Room at the Table” with Rev. Karen
  • Offering: “Crowded Table” written by Brandi Carlile, Lori Mckenna, and Natalie Nicole Hemby
  • Joys and Sorrows
  • Closing Hymn: #1014 “Answering the Call of Love”
  • Extinguishing the Chalice and Benediction
  • Postlude: “Room at the Table” by Carrie Newcomer

Music Connections